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Kitchen & Bathroom Resurfacing

Do you dream of an immaculate and stunning bathroom with a fresh and clean look? Do you worry about the look of your old fashioned kitchen but don’t have the time or money to update it with a modern new style? Do you want a new bathroom or kitchen but don’t want the hassle of undertaking a major renovation? If this is you, Remarkable Bathroom Resurfacing can help.

Locally owned and operated, here at Remarkable Bathroom Resurfacing, our team of friendly and trusted professionals specialise in a comprehensive range of resurfacing services. From bathtubs to bathroom walls and floor tiles, kitchen bench tops to laminated cupboards, we guarantee you’ll be blown away by our amazing five star service. 

Our quality results are so good that they could even add value to your home whilst remaining very inexpensive to you. With our incredible level of service, experience, and expertise, you’ll be stunned at not only our superb results, but the low cost of our service.

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Throughout the initial preparation process, we will re grout where needed, repair or replace any broken tiles, and repair any holes or damage from pre-existing towel rails, soap dishes, and so on. Once your kitchen or bathroom has been resurfaced, you will never again have to spend countless hours trying to get rid of mould on grout lines.

Don’t put up with a tired looking bathroom or and old fashioned, outdated kitchen. Let our team of friendly experts resurface your room for as little as 70% of the cost of retiling today!

The best professional kitchen resurfacing in Adelaide

Updating and replacing your old fashioned kitchen can be extraordinarily expensive and disruptive to your daily life. Putting up with inefficient tradesmen in and out of your home for weeks is a hassle and expense you’d probably like to avoid. At Remarkable Bathroom Resurfacing, we can offer you a quick and inexpensive solution to your problem, without causing any major disruptions to your normal daily routine.