Premier providers of professional resurfacing services in Adelaide

Here at Remarkable Bathroom Resurfacing in Adelaide, our team of friendly and trusted professionals specialise in a comprehensive range of resurfacing services for you. We guarantee that you’ll be blown away by our amazing five-star service.

With our incredible level of service, experience, and expertise, you’ll be stunned by not only our superb results, but the low cost of our service. Here’s a little bit more about our resurfacing process:


All surfaces are etched with a commercial grade etch cleaner.
Any tiles, cracks, joins in benches, holes or any other existing damage will be filled with recommended filler.
Repairs will not be visible after being resurfaced with a top coat.
Care is taken in masking all surrounding areas to avoid any overspray.


All fumes are extracted using the best extraction system.
Our tradesmen use safety equipment for protection, including spray masks and spray suits.


We use a high build primer to give it a base for the top coat
Top coat is applied to bathroom walls in a high gloss bright white resin to give a durable and amazing finish, or a granite coat can be applied to floors and/or bench tops.

Finishing the Room

When dry, the area is demasked and fitted up (towel racks, cabinets, handles)
Silicone is then applied and can be colour coded to match floor colour.
Rooms are ready for use the day following completion.


First we start by removing the doors, silicon, and all fixtures which are being replaced.


The next step is to ensure your space is protected and ready for the first stage of acid etching.


Next we apply a layer of undercoating. This is to bond and seal the tiles once the room has been acid etched and grouted.


The fourth step is applying the top coat once the primer has been sanded down and all imperfections have been addressed. This seals all your grout lines and leaves you with shiny tiles.


The second last step involves masking the top coat in the previous stage. Regrouting the floor and repairing and chips or holes, then applying a primer undercoat and applying a granite stone flex sytem and stone guard to make it water proof.


The final step involves removing all masking paper and tape from previous steps and resealing the room with silicone.